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Tips to know before hiring a soil testing service provider

Did you know that your crop growth is determined by soil fertility? According to research Over 60% of crop yield is determined by how fertile your land is. Soil testing is crucial to know the amout of nutrients available in your soil. The soil with nutrients deficiency will harm plants’ productivity. Also, excessive micronutrients in the soil might harm the plant. If you are a turf manager, landscaper, or grower it’s vital to hire a soil testing service provider to determine the concentration of nutrients in the soil to maximize the yield. The following are important considerations when choosing a soil testing service.

The first thing to consider is the soil testing method. When choosing soil testing experts, ensure that they are using the appropriate method. To accurately determine the amount of micronutrients in the soil, the soil testing expert must use the best methods to avoid errors. In addition, laboratory proficiency is crucial in order to get precise results. Ensure that the laboratory is well equipped with modern tools that are proven to offer higher accurate results. Note that different testing methods are used to test soil from different regions. For that reason, ensure the testing method used to test your soil is appropriate.

The next step is to determine the accreditation of the soil testing service provider. Choose an accredited soil testing service to avoid hiring an incompetent soil test service provider. Choosing certified and accredited soil analytic experts is an incredible way to ensure that you are working with professionals. Consider visiting the soil testing laboratory and check out if they are licensed. In addition, ensure that they are certified by a reputable institution that provides the best soil analysis education.

The third thing to consider is the fertilizer and lime recommendation. Make sure that the soil testing service offers recommendations on how you should apply your fertilizers and lime. This will ensure that you are supplying your soil with the right amount of nutrients. The soil testing service providers should recommend the best fertilizers to add to your soil depending on the type of crops you are growing. Also, it’s important to figure out how long you will get the results and the testing routine. Also, ensure that the soil testing facility has appropriate methods of submitting the results. Sending the results through the internet is the best way to rapidly get the result.

The other thing to consider is the cost of soil testing. Make sure that you choose the testing service provider within your budget. Note that, the cost will vary depending on the type of testing you seek to get. Also, check if the testing professional has vast knowledge in horticulture and soil science in order to offer quality service. Also, ensure that the service provider offers other services related to soil fertility. Consult with other professionals like agricultural extension in your area to recommend the best soil testing services. Also, seek recommendations from your friends who have received similar services.

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