Joan McCarter & Cliff Schecter • VS Sundays

From the NSA-spies-on-everyone story, Edward Snowden, veteran, defense worker and self-revealed whistleblower, talking with journalist and 1st Amendment champion Glenn Greenwald, reporting for The Guardian.

Political & social commentators Joan McCarter and Cliff Schecter compare notes with Jay Ackroyd: Edward Snowden,  'turning' diplomats, the info reach and practices of defense contractors, NSA, CIA, Glenn Greenwald, surveillance


Glenn Greenwald  for the Guardian 

Joan McCarter - Senior Political Writer and regular front page contributor to Daily Kos - Joan tracks national legislative developments.  Follow @joanmccarter

Cliff Schecter — co-founder and part owner of Washington DC's independent progressive radio station, We Act Radio, 1480AM; nationally syndicated columnist and political commentator - writes for Al Jazeera English and appears weekly on Take Action News w/ David Shuster and The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. Follow @cliffschecter

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Questions from the studio audience 

Q: Have you looked at the reactions from the internet freedom movement? Danah Boyd has something up on the significance to activists, and the EFF has a good article on the importance of metadata. See

Q: What do you predict will be the ways various methods that Snowden and Greenwald will be attacked? Who will do the attacking and who will be doing the defending?

Q: What about his support on the far right?

Q: Do we see an alliance between the libertarians on the right and the civil liberties groups on the left?

Q: Can Snowden and Glenn Greenwald go on the offensive — like Rand Paul — and sue the government? Flip the paradigm.

Q: Will Edward Snowden be our second internet martyr?