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Special Guest Culture of Truth (HIAL, dammit) joins Avedon and digby to discuss SCOTUS and four of this week's rulings. The ruling links are pdfs.  Jon Oliver comments on the Supremes.

Listen beginning 6p PT/9p ET

Listen beginning 6p PT/9p ET

 DOMA (Us vs Windsor) —  a 5-4 vote — is an interesting illustration of the Court's, or perhaps Kennedy's, concern that the Court reflect widespread shifts in American public opinion. It's a huge victory for LGBT activists, and for the population under 50 who really don't understand what's wrong with people who fall in love, and then want to get married and raise children.

In Fisher vs the University of Texas  the court in a 7-1 opinion, with Kagan recused, upheld, narrowly, the use of affirmative action for college admissions.  Richard Thompson Ford at Slate discusses the implications.  He argues, and Ginsburg agrees in her dissent, that the ultimate effect of the ruling may be to limit affirmative action polices to relatively small, private institutions.


Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District illustrates a point Dahlia Lithwick made in an earlier VS appearance, in a discussion with Culture Of Truth.  It is common practice for the Roberts Court to make apparently technical rulings on minor matters that have major future implications. A New York Times op-ed agrees with Kagan's dissent in a 5-4 (usual suspects) opinion--that this opinion represents a "revolution in land use law."

Finally, for our purposes, we have the overturning of the central provision of the Voting Rights Act., Selby County vs Holder . (5-4 usual suspects). David Cay Johnston summarized the cynicism of this ruling (audio) earlier this week.



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