Marcy Wheeler & Dave Dayen • VS Sundays

Oct 6, 2013. Listen live or later. Political & social commentators Marcy Wheeler & Dave Dayen & Jay Ackroyd offer a counter point to the Sunday morning talk shows. Plus political satire from Culture of Truth. 

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We start off with Marcy and David discussing her Newsweek profile

Experts on domestic surveillance admire Wheeler’s ability to connect current revelations to past mysteries. “You’ll read through these dense documents, and it’s about one thing; but she’ll find a clue in there to something we’ve all wondered about on something else entirely, and the last citing of that issue was five years ago, and somehow she still remembered,” said Barton Gellman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter late of The Washington Post who has worked with Snowden to break stories on the NSA this summer. “She’s indispensable now with the NSA story, which is endlessly complex.”
Then up comes the Most Ridiculous Moment, exegesis of the Bobblespeak Translations:

Boehner agreed not raising the debt limit could cause a crisis and a recession, then said quote “we are not going to pass a clean debt limit increase” unquote
Of course it's all Obama's fault. Boehner said quote, “The votes are not in the House to pass a clean debt limit. And the president is risking default by not having a conversation with us.”
Boehner helpfully observed that quote “No family or business in America can survive a $700 billion budget deficit in one year.” unquote and asked “How can you raise the debt limit and do nothing about the underlying problem?”


So what does he want? Cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Is willing to negotiate and compromise to address this terrible debt by raising taxes?
No. Said Boehner, quote: “Very simple. We're not raising taxes.”

DDay nettled Laura (Scion) Dimon  and so we talk about that for a bit.

And, of course, TOR has apparently been compromised.  Bruce Schneier let us know back in August . Marcy updated us this week

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Marcy Wheeler — Investigative journalist, working primarily on civil liberties, Marcy regularly breaks stories related to use of illegal detention and interrogation by the US Government.  Anatomy of Deceit: How the Bush Administration Used the Media to Sell the Iraq War and Out a Spy is the definitive work on the Scooter Libby trial.

David Dayen writes about state and national economics, banking and mortgage fraud for Since 2004, his work has been cited by the LA Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post and he has been a guest on NPR, Pacifica Radio and Air America.