Tom Levenson & David Dobbs • VS Science

 Sept 18, 2013 - Tom Levenson talks with David Dobbs about the current crazed, crazy-making, intensely exciting state of the study of genetics drawing from his recent Pacific Standard cover story, The Social Life of Genes; and his my book-in-progress, The Orchid and the Dandelion;  the states of flux that genetics, neuroscience, and science writing find themselves in these days.

David writes about the science of behavior, the behavior of scientists and other wonders. His fourth book, The Orchid and the Dandelion (Crown) expands on his much-discussed feature for the Atlantic, “The Orchid Children.” It will follow scientists and some rather extraordinary ‘regular’ people as they grapple with emerging ideas about how genes and culture shape temperament, behavior, evolution, and destiny.

More: Wired Science  "His most recent previous book, Reef Madness (Pantheon, 2005), looks at a long argument that Charles Darwin had about how coral reefs form; Oliver Sacks found it "brilliantly written, almost unbearably poignant."

My Mother's Lover 

Orchid Hypothesis 


In anticipatory mode, Tom writes here.