Maryn McKenna, Janet Stemwedel & Tom Levenson


Dec 18, 2013 – Women in science and technology. Host Tom Levenson talks with Maryn McKenna and Janet Stemwedel about misogyny in the science/tech communities, which of course echos the relative recent disclosures of hostility toward women in the atheist community. Listen

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Tom writes "This evening at 5 p.m. ET/ 2 p.m./PT, I’ll be talking with Maryn McKenna and Janet Stemwedel about sexual harassment, gender discrimination and science writing.... MORE

Link Roundup

Janet Stemwedel provides

Geek Feminism Wiki Timeline of incidents from 2013 (includes tech and science blogosphere)

Danielle Lee's story about the "urban whore" incident and Scientific American's response to it.

Kate Clancy's post on how Danielle Lee's story and the revelations about Bora are connected to the rape-y Einstein bobble head video incident (with useful discussion of productive strategies for community response). Follow @KateClancy

Andrew David Thaler's post "On being an ally and being called out on your privilege."

Janet Stemwedel – while pointing out that the empirical findings have some ethical implications if we're committed to reducing gender bias – links to research on implicit gender bias among science faculty at universities

A short film exploring the pipeline problem for women in chemistry, "A Chemical Imbalance." Transcript.

The most recent of Zuska's excellent posts on the pipeline problem, "Rethinking the Normality of Attrition."

Advice Goddess' post encapsulates much of the awfulness of the apologia.  Be careful not to hurt yourself if you feel the impulse to slam your head against your desk.

NSF ADVANCE program, plus two particular institutional initiatives that resulted from such funding: 

Maryn McKenna provides

on the initial DNLee problem:

on Bora and after:

the NASW video:

the backlash:

From Rose Eveleth: Defining a New 'Business As Usual' in Sci Comm




Maryn McKenna – independent journalist and author – specializes in public health, global health and food policy. A Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, Maryn was recently named the inaugural Knight Science Journalism Project Fellow at MIT.

A columnist and contributing editor for Scientific American, Maryn writes for Wired  and frequently for national and international magazines and websites including Nature, Slate, SELF,, the Guardian. Her work has also appeared in Health, China Newsweek,,, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, Boston Magazine, Chicago Magazine, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Heart Healthy Living and Georgia Trend among other publications. She is a regular contributor to the Annals of Emergency Medicine. MORE

Janet D. Stemwedel – Associate Professor of Philosophy at San José State University, where she teaches Philosophy of Science, Ethics in Science, Philosophy and Literature, and a MUSE seminar on mortality. Her research interests include the peculiar conceptual and experimental resources chemistry brings to the project of understanding the world, the relations between different scientific fields (like chemistry, physics, and biology), the transmission of "best practices" in the community of science, and the question of whether the norms of the tribe of science are consistent or conflicting.

Janet's explorations of ethics, scientific knowledge-building, and how they are intertwined are informed by her misspent scientific youth as a physical chemist. Follow on Twitter @docfreeride. Read her at Doing Good Science and Adventures in Ethics and Science.