Alan Boyle, Antony Thomas, Josh Rosenau • Science v. Creationism

Feb 5, 2014 - In the wake of the Feb 4 debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and and Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis), Alan Boyle (NBC News), award winning filmmaker Antony Thomas (HBO's Questioning Darwin) and Josh Rosenau (Nat'l Center for Science Educationconsider the stakes and challenges of promoting scientific literacy in 21st Century America. Follow @b0yle @NCSE @HBO


From the studio audience




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Tom Levenson & Katie Hinde • Mammals Suck... Milk


Feb 19, 2014 - Tom Levenson hosts a conversation with Katie Hinde — Harvard based evolutionary biologist and "major-domo" of the world-class awesome blog "Mammals Suck…Milk!"


Tom writes "

Hinde is just a treat of an interview — fast, funny, and with incredibly rich and interesting science to discuss.  Here’s what she’s about:

Mother’s milk has an organizational effect on infant outcomes, not just by providing the energy that sustains growth, but by also contributing to immunological, neurobiological, and behavioral development.

Guided by evolutionary theory, we investigate how variation in mother’s milk and behavioral care influences infant outcomes from post-natal life into adulthood and subsequent generations.

Her research has centered on primates, but as Ed Yong discusses here, she’s a marvelously agile opportunist, and in one sweet move she managed to turn what has been a field developed on the back of very labor intensive, small sample size studies into something approaching big milk data.  Her trick?   Taking advantage of the detailed record keeping American dairy farmers perform for obvious reasons to acquire 2.4 million lactatation records from 1.4 million cows.  Now that’s some statistical power!" MORE GOODNESS

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Tom Levenson & Deborah Blum • The Poisoner's Handbook

Jan 15, 2014 – Tom Levenson talks with Pulitzer Prize winning science writer Deborah Blum.  Follow @deborahblum @TomLevenson Links below.

"We’ll be talking about the new stuff:  poison, the emergence of systematic chemistry as a tool, the issues we face of our ignorance of so much of the chemical universe — the West Virginia spill will be our proof text there — and more.  We’ll also continue the extended conversation I’m having with several colleagues about the constraints and worse affecting the work of women in science writing.  Deborah has been a leader in organizing public thinking and discussion on these matters, so that’ll be on tap as well." Read