Culture of Truth: Politics, Not Policy



Oct 20, 2013 - Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on the Sunday Talk Shows — in this case, This Week on ABC — then creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays. We create a separate podcast and post the copy here.

Hi, I'm Culture of Truth,

Less than a week after a faction of the Republican party  shut down the government and threatened to default on the debt to get their way, we learned from the Sunday talks shows that both sides are to blame, and now the President must lead, and in any case what really matters and the winners and losers of the week, and the race for President in 2016.


On ABC's This Week, Martha Raddatz asked Rep. Adam Kinzinger, “aren't you humiliated by this week. Aren't you ashamed? The country looks at congress, all of you, and they're disgusted. Are you ashamed this week?” and asked Nancy Pelosi “I know you can blame Republicans for this, but Americans look at what happened, most of them, with disgust. They blame all of congress. What responsibility do you bear to move Washington forward, to change the mood in Washington, to make the American people proud again?”

It's all about the tone. Raddatz said quote “President Obama even said this week that he wants the tone changed and yet you are saying things like the Republicans are throwing temper tantrums, they're reckless.”

When Pelosi pointed out the shutdown costs $25 billion, Raddatz complained “But you haven't told me what you will do or why something will be different.”

On Obamacare glitches, Raddatz is only concerned about the horse race, asking “Do you think the Republicans are going to use what happened as a weapon? Pelsoi responded “it doesn't matter.”

Jonathan Karl admitted the Republicans mishandled the shutdown, but complained about Obama, “Now the question is what does he do with it? He's still five years in almost, and does not have a bipartisan legislative accomplishment. Is he finally now going to be able to work with the Republicans on something? Big question.”

Karl then interviewed Ted Cruz, who blamed the President and Harry Reid for the shut down, and talked to Jeb Bush, who admitted the GOP screwed up, but said it's also the President's fault, saying “I'm not blaming Republicans.” and “We need to start solving problems and I think the president does not deserve credit in this either.”

ABC then noted the tea party is unpopular, so of course when to a diner in Ohio to interview a bunch of angry tea partiers. They think the shutdown was great, but are angry that memorials were closed. They think we need to be fiscally conservative, but are unconcerned the shutdown cost $24 billion.

Asked if the shutdown accomplished anything, one tea partier correctly pointed out “we're having this conversation. You're sitting here in Lulu's in Ohio. We're having this conversation. That's a plus.”

On Meet The Press, David Gregory asked Tom Coburn why Republicans would agree to give in on the debt ceiling and why they shouldn't keep quote “using the debt ceiling as some leverage,” a notion even Coburn thought was reckless. Gregory wanted to focus on Obamacare, while Coburn insisted the real issue is “$128 trillion worth of un-funded liabilities.”

Gregory has a solution to DC gridlock saying quote. “is term limits maybe the most viable way to end this dysfunction in Washington?” website glitches are catnip to the media, since it allows them to bash the President after the recent GOP debacle. Gregory is particularly obsessed, saying "This has been a disastrous start to ObamaCare,” citing its “disastrous launch,” and asking “Can ObamaCare survive in its current form if the systems are not improved for delivery of the care and the insured?

Andrea Mitchell said we've got 60 days, saying “they've got a very short window here, a couple of months. And if they don't get the seven million people, and including a large number of healthy people, this system will not work.” unquote. Chuck Todd's solution: “Fire somebody.”

Chuck Schumer said quote “the computer glitches are being used by a good number of people who never wanted Obamacare in the first place as an excuse to just sort of bash it”

Gregory responded with a statement that sums up Meet the Press as well as any. Quote: “Let me get beyond policy and get back to politics.”

In the Winners & Losers segment, Andrea Mitchell declared Mitch McConnell one of the winners of the week, while David Brooks said Ted Cuz quote “proves there's no ultimate answer to how dumb a person can be” and called the tea party quote “incredibly self-destructive.”

Maria Bartiromo said “I don't agree that anybody won here. I think the American people are so disgusted with the in ability to get anything done.” and said the President has to “win back the trust of the American people.”

Gregory asked of the President quote “When is he going to demonstrate that he can bring along converts to his side and actually get something meaningful accomplished?" He cited National Journal a headline saying quote "Obama Wins! Big Whoop. Can He Lead?" and asked “Isn't the crisis management that the president decries, isn't that a lasting part of his own legacy here? Doesn't he have to absorb a big part of the responsibility for that?

Andrea Mitchell agreed, saying quote “This is the test of whether the president is going to put something on the table” unquote and quote “Both sides are going to have to give.” unquote

David Brooks responded quote “that's the question he's never answered in all these years is, "How do I build a governing majority in this circumstance?"

ABC and Meet the Press spent most of the rest of their shows giggling about the 2016 Presidential race.

So the tea party shuts down the government, and comes within hours of default, finally uniting Republicans and Democrats in the scorn, but all of Congress is to blame, and Democrats must change the tone, the President must lead, and both sides are going to have give up something? Give up what? What is a good budget plan?

Who cares, there is a Presidential election in three yeas, and if it's Sunday, it's time to “get beyond policy and get back to politics.” And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.